Galería Inspiración

Galería Inspiración is a place of relaxation, inspiration, communication and reflection.

You  will find exhibitions of photographs that tell stories. Stories that present themselves
in their own unique way for each visitor and  observer. These stories allow you to discover and perceive things about  yourself.

The exhibition of photographs will be changed at regular intervals.

Take your time and enjoy your experiences in the Galería.

As you perceive and experience the photographs be open to the unexpected, to inspiration,
to ideas and new perspectives.

Be as open as the vast sky, the depths of the ocean and the highest peak on earth.

Allow yourself to discover the beauty beyond imagination. Enjoy whatever comes up. It is ‘yours’.

Imagine the pictures are details of a much bigger picture of life in space and time.

Explore the secret lives of photographs.

Integrate your experiences and give them meaning in your reality.

No  explanations, titles or comments have been added to the exhibition or the photographs. This is intentional and should be left entirely up to you as the visitor and observer.

Only you can make sense of the exhibition and the photographs, give them names and meaning.

Galería Inspiración 

Is open and at your disposal 24 hours a day. An internet connection is necessary to access the website. Rundgang/Tour

We would be happy to accompany you on your tour through Galería Inspiración (Coaching). These sessions will be charged.  Please
contact us to arrange an appointment.

Please note that detailed viewing of the photographs in rooms 1-6 is only possible with a password.

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