Uwe Suessbier

Uwe Suessbier was born in Berlin, Germany, a cosmopolitan city with a distinct history and culture. From early on in his life he had the opportunity to connect with and grow up with people from different cultures and with different points of view.
Uwe worked in the corporate world for more than 30 years in the areas of power engineering,  information technology, customer service, sales and consultancy which enabled him to get to know internationally different cultures, mentalities and behaviours and meet highly creative people with great potential.

Contact with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) was to influence his continuing journey through life. The journey went via an NLP Master Practitoner and NLP Coach to his own coaching practice. His studies in psychology continue to enrich this journey.

The coaching practice developed into Kidman Süßbier Institute where, together with his wife Nicola, they offer as well as life and executive coaching a comprehensive programme of personal growth and development seminars and workshops. Kidman  Süßbier Institute holds these seminars and workshops in Munich, Mexico and the USA.

His passion for fitness training, jogging, walking in the mountains and aikido, travelling, photography, psychology and creativity opened new potential for his development. The photography is a permanent companion since the age of seventeen.

His clients own photographs as well as photographs Uwe has taken himself support the process of persomal development.

His passion for psychology has led him to an interest in the extensive area of consciousness which he pursues with curiosity and great enthusiasm and attention.

The integration of mind and body, fun, motivation and enthusiasm is the foundation of his coaching and is also an integral part of his training and studies to become a somatic coach.

Uwe's mission is to support and accompany people in the shaping, forming and realization of their
dreams and goals.

His mission is to acknowledge the potential in people and to explore it together, and like a wonderful fountain with fun, energy and motivation, enable it to develop and to blossom.